The Cabin in the Woods – Escape From the Room (Surrey)

THEME: Following some mysterious disappearances and supernatural sightings you are sent to investigate. You find yourself locked in a cabin in the woods and all is not as it first seems…

A video from Dr Alan Harris delivers the background story for this game. Dr Harris is also the person who supplied us with clues via an iPod throughout the game. The cabin is really well themed and on initial inspection looks innocent but once you start searching all sorts of puzzles can be found. As with the other room we did at this venue, the puzzles came thick and fast and were very varied (logic, physical, maths and observational). For us, this was the best part of these games, that there was always something each of us could do that led to quick successes and progression to the next problem, which really made you feel like you were getting somewhere. It was amazing how much we got done in the time we were in the room. It is also amazing that Nathen can design a room with so many puzzles in it. There is a linear aspect to the room but plenty to keep everyone busy. Some of the puzzles were particularly unique with a clever use pf props. This was another great room that we really enjoyed. We did the 60 minute option but would have loved to do the 90 minute game if we had enough time and didn’t have our young children with us. The 90 minute game would be ideal for enthusiasts, but the 60 minute game was challenging enough for any ability.

ESCAPE TIME: 47 minutes

BEST BIT: The cleve use of props and unique puzzles.

LEVEL: Any (enthusiasts in particular will enjoy the 90 minute game)



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