Project Z – Project Breakout, Brighouse

THEME: In the middle of a zombie apocalypse you find yourself trapped in a bunker underground. Can you save yourselves…

ROOM: The start of the room was done really well and the clue system was given by communicating with the character who started us off and felt very much like a part of the game. There were a good variety of puzzles, some of which were linear, but some of which we couldn’t do until certain points in the game. It’s difficult sometimes to know when this might be and in games in general we’ve had to be careful to know when to keep trying and when to give up on a puzzle because we suspect something’s missing, only to find a crucial piece of said puzzle later on which means the puzzle makes so much more sense. We made the right choice in this game though and moved through the game at a good speed completing puzzles when we could – some of which were unique and great creations! This was a good room with some tricky sections that gave us a good challenge.


BEST BIT: A few of the puzzles were very creative and real fun. There was also a very funny part, but this may have been the way our team handled it and may not cause the same fits of giggles it did in us!

LEVEL: Get a few rooms under your belt before completing this one, it needs a bit more thinking about things – intermediate/enthusiast.

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