Chronos – Escapologic Leicester

Theme: The deadly virus Chronos, which lay dormant for years, has mutated and thrust the world into chaos as it kills anyone who comes into contact with it. Your job is to travel back in time and retrieve the research conducted on patient zero, in order to find a cure for the present day pandemic that has hit the world.

The theming in this room is amazing, just as we’ve come to expect from Escapologic rooms. Attention to detail is phenomenal and the props really are a strength of this room. The room consists of a range of puzzles that require quite a lot of thinking to complete. We got stuck into the puzzles we could see quite quickly and between us managed to make some progress. There are some really well designed puzzles within the room and a great use of props. The only thing we struggled with slightly was that some of the props which you interact with don’t immediately activate so we gave up when we should have keep going. If you do this room and see something that looks like it does something pay close attention and be patient, it probably does do something! Investigating the props in the room is vital, if they move, move them and look at them really carefully. The puzzles in this room were all fantastic, we just got a bit stuck linking them together at times. Our host was fantastic and helped us when we needed a push in the right direction.

Escape time: I forgot to write it down! It was around 35 minutes and I’m sure we wrote it on the card we left!

Best bit: If I tell you it might spoil it! One of the puzzles used something really clever and we loved it.

Level: Any


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