Old Maid Milly – Escape From the Room (Surrey)

THEME: Milly mysteriously died following years living as a recluse. Something is stopping Milly’s soul from resting in peace. Find the clues and unravel the mystery that will ultimately set you free.

Dr Alan Harris introduced us to the scenario through a video which fit well with the theme. The back story led us to a room in Old Maid Milly’s house to investigate the mysterious circumstances around her death. The game was slightly linear as some things had to be done before others but there was plenty of searching to do and some puzzles could be done at the same time so we were all kept busy throughout the game. There were loads of puzzles to do, some straight forward, some more tricky but with every puzzle you knew exactly what you were supposed to do and what you could use to help you. Nathen (the owner) was our host and he gave us clues as soon as we started to get stuck so the flow of the game was really good and there were lots of moments of success throughout. This room would appeal to all abilities as there are some simple puzzles as well as some very clever, slightly different ones. Even though it’s a small room a large group would be fine as there is so much to do. The puzzles were a mixture of observation, logic and maths, the variety was a real strength as it kept us busy but each puzzle was different to the last. Nathen is a great gamemaker and we massively enjoyed this game. The story behind the room is really good and there are some bonus puzzles to complete to find out the exact reasons for Old Maid Milly’s death and the circumstances she lived in.

Escape Time: 45 minutes

Best bits: The variety of puzzles and the logical, clear way they were all presented.

Level: Any (enthusiasts would be fine with 2 or 3 players).




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