Secret Lab – Locked In Edinburgh

THEME: The Kensie Research Lab was a marvel of 70s technology, with the best equipment money could buy. Situated in Edinburgh, smack in the middle of an old veterinary hospital so not to raise suspicion, the lab was designed around the research and creation of vaccines and viruses. The mastermind behind the project was Professor Lyall Kensie, a brilliant bio-chemist .Do you have what it takes to discover what lies within The Secret Lab today.

ROOM: Well…this is why Locked In Edinburgh is raved about by every enthusiast we know – wow – what a room! There are soooo many puzzles. And such great ones! It does require things to be done in a vague order but we could work together or individually on a variety of things throughout the game. We particularly loved how the clues were delivered. We again missed some really obvious things but there is just so much to do in this room we were very busy all the way through. The puzzles are unique, varied and all of them are just fantastic. This is easily within our top 5 favourite rooms, and definitely worth a visit to Edinburgh to experience. Coupled with how nice the owners and host were, this is a wonderful company which was a pleasure to visit.

ESCAPE TIME: We finished the room in 1 hour 5 minutes, but considering there were only two of us and it’s recommended for a minimum of four we were happy with that!

BEST BIT: There were so many great parts but I think we particularly enjoyed the unique clue system which was very in keeping with the game.

LEVEL: The game is suitable for any level but the less experienced you are the more people you should take.

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