Baker Street – Lakes Escapes

THEME: A gang of criminals known as the Baker Street Five have just had a meeting. After an altercation between two members one was shot and the other fled the scene. Can you follow the clues to identify the victim and the killer before he flees the country?

This game was quite different than the previous game we played at Lakes Escapes. Our host was one of the owners and delivered the back story well. The room had great theming and we were all able to get involved, find and solve things from the onset. There were some really good, clever puzzles in this room. We had some great aha moments when one member of the team saw what something meant – once you could see it, it was very clever! There was more to do in this game and the puzzles were definitely more challenging. It was slightly linear with enough to keep us all busy. We needed a couple of clues, which are requested by pressing a button, then delivered on the screen.

ESCAPE TIME: 45 minutes

BEST BIT: A solid escape room with some great puzzles, some of which used the props in particularly unique ways.

SUMMARY: A good room with some challenging puzzles.

LEVEL: Intermediate/advanced.



Lakes escapes

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