Quest for the Throne – Lakes Escapes

THEME: Years ago your younger brother concocted a plan to have you exiled from the kingdom so he could become king. Under your brothers reign the once prosperous land has declined and you must set things right. In the next 60 minutes you must find proof of your birth-right and escape undetected, before the guards return.

We had eaten before this game which always slows us down so we were a bit slow to start. We managed to find a few things but needed a clue to get us going. The puzzles were good and some required quite a lot of teamwork. Again the puzzles were challenging but some were unique which made them particularly enjoyable. The room was quite linear but not completely so were we all busy and could come together when we got stuck. The story was good and the theming was done well. Everything fitted within the story and the puzzles flowed well.

This was the third and final game we played at Lakes Escapes and we enjoyed all of them. Our favourite was Dr Frankenscraft but Baker Street and Quest had some lovely puzzles in them that we haven’t seen before so were a joy to complete. The hosts Carol and John are lovely and were happy to talk all things escape with us (as well as walk the dog while we went off to get some food). I’m not sure that Oscar (our dog) enjoyed escaping their rooms as much as he enjoys escaping through our front door but he was much happier with us for the day than at home! All the hosts love dogs and they are welcome at Lakes Escapes. What we really enjoyed about all their rooms is the fact you don’t have to ‘escape’ but complete a task, which we enjoyed. Every room had a unique puzzle and all are logical yet range in how challenging they are. Lakes Escape is a great company and is definitely worth a visit.

ESCAPE TIME: 44.30 minutes

BEST BIT: A couple of very good puzzles – one requiring bravery and one requiring team work!

SUMMARY: A well themed room that flows well.

LEVEL: Intermediate



Lakes escapes

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