Dr Frankenscraft’s Monster – Lakes Escapes

THEME: Dr Frankenscraft desires to make human life through experimentation and electricity. Whilst Dr Frankenscraft is away, can you, his lab assistants, bring his monster to life before the angry villagers arrive to destroy all his hard work?

We took our 6 year old son to try out the rooms at Lakes Escapes. We were met by a lovely host who gave us the back story before we began. The room was very logical and the puzzles flowed well. It was vaguely linear but we all had something to be working on and were all kept busy. The puzzles were logical and we knew what we needed to do or find throughout. There were some unique puzzles in this room which we really liked. We got stuck on one puzzle towards the end but after thinking it through managed to get to the unusual ending in a good time. It is the only room we’ve ever done without a clue which placed us second on the leaderboard for points (3rd for time). This room is a solid escape room with some unusual, but clear, puzzles and we really enjoyed it!


BEST BIT: The unique puzzle and ending were great to experience.

SUMMARY: A great room accessible to all ages. It’s clear and logical and would be ideal for beginners, however a place on the leaderboard is a great incentive for more experienced teams.

LEVEL: Beginner (or anyone who wants the challenge of getting a place on the leaderboard)

WEBSITE: www.lakesescapes.co.uk

Lakes escapes


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