The Poltergeist – Emergency Exit (Ashton)

THEME: You have 60 minutes to escape the spooky haunted Manor House…

We were met by Liam and Josh who were fantastic hosts.  They were happy to talk to us about all things escape and were some of the best hosts we’ve come across. The owner has done well to employ people with enthusiasm and passion for their rooms as this always enhances our experience as players. The room is a scary game which we haven’t really enjoyed in the past, for reasons such as the darkness is there simply to make it more challenging, but this wasn’t the case in this room. It was really well themed with some well-chosen props and no red herrings. The game was linear and involved locks with a few unique features in puzzles which was nice to see. The darkness and scary elements were timed perfectly by Josh so that darkness never hindered us whilst solving a puzzle, it was only used to add to the scary atmosphere of the room. We really enjoyed this room and will definitely be going back to play Exorcist.


BEST BIT: One of our team members accidentally being scared by an unexpected feature of the room (possibly the worst bit for her though!).

SUMMARY: A challenging room with great theming and darkness used really effectively.

LEVEL: Intermediate/Advanced


emergency exit


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