Madness – Exit The Room (Manchester)

THEME: Prevent the mad professor from executing his psychiatric tests.

Exit the Room are an international escape room company who (as far we I know) have opened their first room in the UK in Manchester. The host was nice and chatty and welcomed us to the rooms. We entered the room, then listened to a safety briefing and a short back story which was played through a TV. We struggled to fully focus on either of these as we were busy looking around eager to get stuck in to the puzzles we could see! Once the video finished, the countdown started, and we busily searched the room. We got stuck into the puzzles and made good progress but on occasion got a bit stuck as we weren’t really sure what to do next. We asked for a couple of hints (hints have to be requested via walky talky with a maximum of 5 per game) that pointed us in the right direction. One of the puzzles requires the use of a personal item, which is quite unusual as all other rooms we’ve done ask you not to do this. There were some red herrings (which luckily we didn’t spend much time on) and a couple of puzzles that could be more interesting if thought about carefully. We started the final puzzle, which we have seen once before. This is arguably a good but complex and frustrating puzzle. We got stuck at one point and in the end we had to skip a step in the puzzle. We escaped quite quickly after this feeling annoyed about the unnecessarily over complex final puzzle. When we talked to the host it turned out that there was a small error in the final puzzle, which is why we couldn’t complete it.  We have since found out that the error in the final puzzle has now been corrected.


BEST BIT: The eye bending puzzle was good.

SUMMARY: The room was very linear and had some good puzzles in it. The props were well themed but we would’ve felt more immersed if the host had delivered the back story, rather than a TV screen in the room, as we struggled to engage with the story due to wanting to play the game. There were some leaps in logic required but the host helped us to do this.

LEVEL: Beginner/Intermediate


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