University Of Magic – Lucardo – Manchester

THEME: You have been invited to attend the University of Magic, where you are required to graduate to become young witches and wizards before you run out of time…

Finally the wait was over it was time to take on Lucardo’s new room. We had assembled a super team of the owners of Lockdown Oldham, the owner of Mission Exit and our usual team as we knew the room would be a challenge.  Professor Jack was our host who greeted us with a smile and welcomed us as old friends.  Prof Jack then led us to the room and gave us the back story making sure we were all suitably dressed to enter the University of Magic.  On entering the room it became clear that Lucardo have worked extremely hard on the theme of the room – it was fantastic.  The room immediately immersed us in to the world of witch craft and wizardry. The theme of the room was unbelievable. It is the only magic themed room we have seen, the props were wonderful and well positioned for all to see and use.  In the room there are a great array of puzzles and a number of different types of locks which require thought, team work and visual inspection. It was relatively linear but even with six of us we were never short of something to think about or do.  It was clear that Prof Jack was watching our every move as he gave clues when required to move our game on at a steady pace.  We worked hard as a team in order to escape using all our experience of past rooms.  Lucardo has raised the bar yet again – well done guys!


BEST BIT: The theming of the room totally immersed us in the game play and made it a really enjoyable escape. Some clever and different puzzles made it really enjoyable.

SUMMARY: The University of Magic is a wonderful room with lots for all players to do throughout the game with a great variety of puzzles and props which help set the scene.

LEVEL: Intermediate/Advanced




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