Virginia House – Lucardo – Manchester

THEME: A serial killer is murdering people on the hour, every hour. You have 60 minutes to investigate the last murder scene and try to stop them!

The Lucardo host greeted us with passion and enthusiasm and was happy to talk to us about escape games. She set the game up and explained the theme to us in more detail. The theme was good but not one of the most immersive games we’ve ever been in. The room had a good mixture of puzzles in it, some we worked through relatively quickly, some were more challenging and we did need a few clues. It’s a mostly linear game but there was enough to us to work on and search individually as the game went on. For us it was one of Lucardo’s more challenging games but one of the least immersive. This didn’t take any enjoyment away from the room though and I would definitely recommend it if you want a challenge!


BEST BITS: We really liked the quantity and variety of puzzles in this room, they definitely kept us challenged all the way through the game.

SUMMARY: A standard theme but a challenging room with a variety of puzzles in it.

LEVEL: Intermediate/advanced



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