The Dark Ages – Code to Exit – Altrincham

THEME: Retrieve The Holy Grail to escape from the room.

We were met by one of the owners who had a good chat with us and explained the room in detail. The theme was really good, one we haven’t seen before. Props were of a good quality and straight away we could see things that we needed to use in puzzles. The room was slightly linear and had a big variety of puzzles. Code to Exit do different types of puzzles to a lot of escape rooms and this worked really well in this room. Some we could do immediately and as we progressed through these, other things became obvious. We did need a couple of clues which we asked for and were then delivered by a screen. We only needed the clues because we weren’t looking around though. Our hint for this room would be to look really carefully at everything!


BEST BIT: The different types of puzzles that don’t use locks or padlocks are fantastic.

SUMMARY: A brilliant room with plenty of unique puzzles guaranteed to keep beginners and enthusiasts engaged throughout.



code to exit

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