Captured – Breakout – Manchester

THEME: You wake up in a basement after being captured. You have 60 minutes to escape!

We built ourselves up for ages for this room as it was advertised as a bit scary. After being led blindfolded to the room we got on with the first few puzzles. They were hard but doable once we worked together and played to each other’s strengths, but we couldn’t see how they were linked to the theme in any way. There were lots of locks and lots of random puzzles to complete to undo them. The game became slightly more linked to the theme later on, with one particularly good puzzle using a video. Unfortunately, one word we needed was already in the word lock so we opened that straight away. We solved a few other puzzles (again unrelated) but got stuck on one. Unfortunately no cryptic hint was given but we were basically told how to do the puzzle so then got out with nearly 15 minutes to spare. If we’re being honest, this was our least favourite Breakout room and the only one that has disappointed us (sorry Breakout). Most of the puzzles were totally unrelated to the theme and Vacancy was more scary than this room, we weren’t scared in the slightest. It was a very linear room, which isn’t a problem when the puzzles are good and linked and flow. The final hint given was far too obvious which I think was more a reflection of the fact there were no microphones in the room rather than the host, as other clues were given well. We may have been unlucky with our experience of this room but I would recommend Vacancy over this game as it flows much better, the puzzles are varied and related to the theme and it actually made us jump!


BEST BITS: The use of the video as a puzzle.

SUMMARY: The puzzles in this room were challenging and at times quite clever. It didn’t live up to what we’d come to expect of Breakout though and wasn’t the game for us.

LEVEL: Intermediate



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