Not Guilty – Mission Exit – Dukinfield

THEME: You have been framed for a murder. You must find a variety of evidence and escape!

The owner, Alex, has been one of the friendliest hosts we’ve come across and will talk with us for ages about rooms and things he’s learnt whilst being in the business. Our six year old son recently asked if he can come to an escape room with us and we thought Alex’s rooms would be perfect for his first trip, as although the two rooms are different, there’s a lot of things to find, which we thought would be more suitable for a younger player. Alex hosts birthday parties for young players so is used to having children in the rooms and adapting clues to suit them.
The game itself was very fast paced to start, we were all busy finding things and opening them. We came together a few times to focus on what we needed to find or do next and had to work together as a team to keep the game going. Then we got stuck, really stuck! The clue system is different in this game, you have to find a button and press it to get a clue which is delivered through the door (don’t remove the hand that feeds you!). We knew what we needed to find, but even after two clues, just couldn’t find it! We kept going though and found what we needed (which was VERY cleverly hidden). The game carried on and we escaped soon after, particularly enjoying the final twist.


BEST BITS: His use of props in the room and a hiding place which we have never seen before so was a good change.
SUMMARY: This room is ideal for beginners and younger players but we enjoyed it as experienced players too. If we hadn’t got stuck we would’ve made it out much quicker. Usually when we get stuck we get very frustrated although that didn’t happen this time, perhaps because we knew what we had to find so kept on searching. Well written clues helped us at the right time without telling us any answers.

LEVEL: Beginner


mission exit

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