Virus – Breakout – Manchester

THEME: Find the cure to a deadly virus and save mankind!

This was the first room two of us did together with the help of two family members. The host was really friendly and explained the scenario clearly before we began. There were enough problems and things to search to keep us all busy in most parts of the game. It requires certain puzzles to be completed before you move on but I wouldn’t describe it as linear. The clues are displayed on the countdown screen accompanied by a loud noise, which is in keeping with the theme, to make you aware a clue has been given. There were some tricky puzzles to solve, one observational problem really stumped us, even after a clue. Other than this problem, we completed most of the challenges without help even though some of them took us a while and required a lot of team work. It’s a tough game for beginners and we completely missed something near the end so didn’t escape- we had the final code in front of us, just didn’t realise it was there and have time to input it!

ESCAPE TIME: We didn’t!

BEST BITS: The use of props in the problems you had to solve.

SUMMARY: This room is ideal for slightly more experienced players and larger groups. There were some good puzzles but we found some quite difficult. We couldn’t wait to do more breakout rooms but stepped down a difficulty level for our next room!

LEVEL: Intermediate/Advanced



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