Curio – Escapologic – Nottingham

THEME: You are in the home of an eccentric explorer, need to investigate the things he’s found and recover his most recent and elusive trinket.

We did four rooms in a day at Escapologic as it had been recommended to us by people at Lucardo and Extreme Escape. This was our third room and it was a truly amazing room. I don’t want to say too much except the puzzles are very clever and really suited us. It has a special element to the room that we have never seen before and was incredible. The theming and props were fantastic. We only needed a couple of clues and they were well timed. The problems were linear but this is very suitable for the room and none of us were stood still doing nothing at any point.


BEST BITS: We can’t say as it would ruin it but it is one of our favourite things in an escape room ever!

SUMMARY: Escapologic say this is their hardest room. It wasn’t the one we found hardest as the puzzles suited us but we can see why others would find it tricky. For this reason I wouldn’t advise it for beginners. For more experienced players you HAVE to play this room and you are in for a treat! We really can’t wait for Simon at Escapologic to open his new venue in Leicester.

LEVEL: Advanced



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