CSI – Trapped In – Bury

THEME: You are investigators who have been given the task to track down and bring to justice the culprit of the crime.

This was our second game of the day at Trapped In. This is a well-dressed room with lots of detail giving you the real feeling that you are under pressure to find the criminal. There are a wide variety of locks (and lots of them) from 3 digits, 4 digits, 5 digits, directional and word locks. In the beginning the amount of locks may seem a little overwhelming however after around 15 minutes there were over half of them unlocked. The game play is linear as once you find something that leads you to another code/lock which then carries the story forward. There were some great puzzles which suited the variety of our team playing to each other’s strengths. As the game plays out it soon becomes clear how you will eventually find out who has committed the crime. There were good uses of props which led to codes and unlocking boxes. Observation is key as it is necessary to read all information to help you move forward in the game. Clues were well timed via a screen in the room – you can also request clues if you feel that you have become stuck.


BEST BIT: The number and variety of locks, we feel this suits our group better as we like to all be busy, find codes, use them and move on.

SUMMARY: The room has a fantastic theme throughout and the story expands as the game plays out. There is a real sense of CSI and you feel like you really are an investigator.

LEVEL: Advanced

WEBSITE: http://www.trappedin.co.uk

Trapped in

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