A.W.O.L – Lockdown Oldham

THEME: You are part of an elite group of army personal who have been sent on a mission to Africa, however you soon learn that the government want to close down your operation………

Lockdown Oldham is a very new company which we have visited before; we were met by the owner Adam who was delightful as ever.  He welcomed us back like old friends and took us to their new room A.W.O.L.  He gave us the background story to the room and the mission we were about to undertake.  The description was detailed and immersive – we felt like we were about to enter a bunker/barrack in Africa.  The theme of the room was great, there were lots of props which you would associate with being an army person.  The room had a good variety of locks, 3-digit, 4-digit, colour, directional and word locks.  There was plenty in the room for all players to be busy all of the time.  The story developed as the time passed by.  There is a monitor in the room which is used primarily as a clue system, which also doubles up as a story teller to help the players understand more about the squadron and its members.  There were some good little puzzles in the room using a good selection of our team’s expertise from search and find, to much needed thought provoking ones.   The game play is largely linear but at times players can break away and do puzzles on their own.


BEST BIT: A fantastically themed room which helps to make players actually feel like they are in Africa.

SUMMARY:  This is a challenging room with lots to do for all players.  If you are looking for an army themed room then this is a must.

LEVEL: Intermediate/Advanced

WEBSITE: http://www.lockdownescape.co.uk

lockdown oldham

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