Intersellar – Trapped In – Bury

THEME: You have been taken to the future and are in space heading towards black hole in the space shuttle – your mission take control of the shuttle to avoid a disaster.

We returned to Trapped In to try their new rooms and were met by a nice young man (didn’t catch his name) who gave us a warm welcome. We entered the room, which has only been open a few weeks, and were given the back story (as this is a new room the host was reading off a pre written script). This did not take away from the story – and in time will be addressed. On entering the room it became very clear that this is a different type of escape room – THERE WERE ZERO LOCKS! The room was very well decorated and detailed. The idea is to solve puzzles by doing things to make things switch on/work. To start we seemed to be a little lost as there didn’t seem to be any direction however after a good look around it started to unfold. The game play wasn’t linear as such as we felt we can do the puzzles in any order (as and when we found them). There are a great variety of puzzles which use technology we’ve never before seen in an escape room.


BEST BIT: The end section when we were running around doing lots of things to start the shuttle.

SUMMARY: The room was well put together with some great theming, the game play will suit some groups but not others – definitely a room which a more experienced players need to try.

LEVEL: Advanced


Trapped in

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