The Killers Code – Mission Exit – Dukinfield

THEME: A killer has you locked in their warehouse – you have 60 minutes to escape before he returns and you become the next victim…..

We were greeted by the owner Alex who was a superb host, it was the first time we have been to his rooms yet he treated us like an old friend. The pre-room explanation was great as he gave us the background information to the room.
This is a very large playing area built in a massive warehouse. There are lots of areas which need to be investigated by players. We played as a team of two and found the sheer size of the warehouse a little over whelming as there was so much to look at and play with. However we soldiered on looking in things, observing our surroundings and eventually using the clue system. The clue system is great, you can ask for help at any time using the killer call button – but be warned every clue costs you a minute of your escape time. The clock is continuous and the time is deducted immediately. The reason for the time penalty is to stop constant use of the button, the owner Alex built explained his reason for this, “It makes the help button mean more as people only come to it as a last resort, we have found that players try harder before asking for the help.”
At the start we were a little worried that within the first ten minutes we felt we had not made much progress but with a little more investigation we found our first lead and the game played out from there. We asked for help a couple of times as we struggled to cover all the room with the limited number of players. The clues were nice and cryptic but gave us enough to move forward without giving us direct instructions.
We would recommend this room to teams of 4+ as there is so much to look at and explore however as we proved it is possible to escape in just a pair.


BEST BITS: Having to observe more closely all the areas and making decisions as to which items/puzzles were useful and those which were red herrings.

SUMMARY: This room is ideal for larger groups with a vast area to explore and discover.

LEVEL: Intermediate


mission exit

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