The Detective Office – Breakout – Manchester

THEME: You are being framed for the murder of a young detective. You are in his office. Can you find out who killed him, how and why?

After enjoying Virus the two of us came back with a friend to do this room. As soon as the time began we were off finding clues while our novice friend didn’t really know what she was looking for in the first 20 minutes of the game. Eventually she got in the right frame of mind and got stuck in (although removing the loose floor boards is not required as part of the game – oops!). This was an easier room than virus and we overthought some of the puzzles. There were a lot of locks, which we enjoy, and it was a relatively straight forward room. It was very linear and I would recommend it for a smaller team or beginners.


BEST BIT: It comes together well. We got more engrossed as the game went on and the ending was quite fast paced which we enjoyed.

SUMMARY: A great room for players who like to search high and low for clues and puzzles.

LEVEL: Beginner



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