The Detective Office – Breakout – Manchester

THEME: You are being framed for the murder of a young detective. You are in his office. Can you find out who killed him, how and why?

After enjoying Virus the two of us came back with a friend to do this room. As soon as the time began we were off finding clues while our novice friend didn’t really know what she was looking for in the first 20 minutes of the game. Eventually she got in the right frame of mind and got stuck in (although removing the loose floor boards is not required as part of the game – oops!). This was an easier room than virus and we overthought some of the puzzles. There were a lot of locks, which we enjoy, and it was a relatively straight forward room. It was very linear and I would recommend it for a smaller team or beginners.


BEST BIT: It comes together well. We got more engrossed as the game went on and the ending was quite fast paced which we enjoyed.

SUMMARY: A great room for players who like to search high and low for clues and puzzles.

LEVEL: Beginner



The Dream – Lucardo – Manchester

THEME: (It’s quite difficult to describe and is done best by the staff when you arrive). You are in a dream and have to solve puzzles to escape.

We were ready to venture away from the Breakout rooms we had developed a liking for and came across Lucardo after searching online. As we had done over 10 rooms by now we decided to go for a middle difficulty room. We were massively impressed with Lucardo and The Dream. The foyer and all the rooms are really clean and professionally put together. We were greeted by friendly staff who introduced the room enthusiastically and were happy to chat with us about our love of escape rooms. There were a lot of locks in the room which we like as it gives you a sense of satisfaction every time you get one open. It wasn’t very linear to begin with and we could all get on with solving something and dip into one another’s puzzles. One thing we have learnt as a team is to discuss puzzles with each other, especially if it’s not immediately obvious what to do. A puzzle may be really difficult to one person but another person can often just ’see’ what needs to be done immediately (which is possibly why our team works so well!). Lucardo use a similar clue system to Breakout, a screen shows the countdown and clues are given when they think you need them. The clues are usually cryptic and point you in the right direction rather than just tell you what to do. The Dream ends with a particularly difficult puzzle that the staff were impressed with us completing relatively quickly. For this I’d say just think about it, take your time and try different things. A great room and we couldn’t wait to come back for more!


BEST BIT: The variation in puzzles and more than one puzzle can be done at once (initially).

SUMMARY: A brilliant room with a great theme and puzzles throughout – well done Lucardo

LEVEL: Beginner/Intermediate



Blueprint – Code to Exit – Altrincham

THEME: You are in the 1950s and must find The Blueprint of a hydrogen bomb, fix the time machine and take it to the future.

We came across this room on Groupon and as one of the usual team was unable to come we did it with three other family members, only one of whom had done one room before. The room was quite small for 5 of us and it was surprising how many puzzles could fit into one room. The owners are from Hungary and have made all the rooms themselves, which is impressive given how clever some of the puzzles are. After being used to a lot of locks in rooms it was refreshing to experience something different. It wasn’t particularly linear so there was enough for all of us to be working on or looking at something as individuals or in pairs most of the time. We needed a few clues and whilst the system wasn’t as technically advanced as Breakout or Lucardo it worked in a similar way and was just as effective. We all enjoyed it so it’s suitable for more experienced players as well as beginners. The Groupon offer was also great as Escape Rooms are an expensive hobby! We would definitely recommend this company as a more unusual experience compared to some of the more corporate escape rooms out there.


BEST BIT: We enjoy rooms with lots of locks but the more cleverly put together clues in this room were a welcomed change which we really enjoyed.

SUMMARY: The puzzles themselves were great but the theme wasn’t particularly strong. I don’t think this had that much impact on our enjoyment of the game though.

LEVEL: Beginner/Intermediate


Welcome to Escape Reviewers – Fanatics about all things escape room!

This is the post excerpt.

This is the launch of our new blog to review all the escape room companies and their rooms which we have tried over the past twelve months.  We are a group of three enthusiasts who love to be challenged in logically thinking and puzzle solving.  We have been escaping for around a year and have between us in excess of 120+ rooms.  The blog has been created to share our experiences of the companies and the rooms which we have tried.  The views on the blog are solely those of our group and in no way reflect other peoples views of any company or room.

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