Moonshine – Escaporium Halifax

THEME: It’s the tail end of the Prohibition era in Chicago and Al Capone has a stranglehold on all the Bootleg liquor in the city. As the newest members of Bugsy’s gang, Da’ Boss needs you to prove yourself and steal something right from under Scarface’s nose! Don’t let him down, or you’ll be sleeping with the fishes!

ROOM: The theming was excellent and all the decor was very in keeping with the era of the game. There were some great puzzles throughout the game and so much variety! There were a few longer puzzles that two of us could work on together whist the other member of our team kept hunting and completing other tasks. The room has a linear element but has so much to do within it that there is plenty to keep everyone busy. We really enjoyed moving quickly from one puzzle to another and didn’t feel frustrated at all, just kept working through the game at a good pace. A great room with plenty to keep us occupied.


BEST BIT: The pace of the game and variety of puzzles, we didn’t get stuck or frustrated at all.

Level: Any, but a less experienced group would benefit from taking more people.


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