Antidote – Project Breakout, Brighouse

THEME: You have been selected to take part in an experiment. Take the pill and see what happens…

ROOM: We particularly enjoyed the beginning of the room and quickly set about searching and solving puzzles to find the illusive antidote that we desperately needed! The room was quite linear and required us to collect a variety of information. We set off searching separately and quite often came together to solve various puzzles or review where we were up to. The puzzles were good and the room flowed well.

The host was brilliant, very good at hosting us generally but also when ‘in character’. He was a lovely guy who made out experience in all the rooms we played a good one.

ESCAPE TIME: 30.36 (which I think got us just on to the leaderboard!)

BEST BIT: The immersiveness of the very beginning of the game.

LEVEL: Any, but perfect for beginners.


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