Haligonian – Escaporium Halifax

THEME: Enter the newly discovered private Halifax museum of Mr. P. Saul. Can you find the stolen key and escape before he returns?

ROOM: The theming was unique and felt very much like a modern museum. There were lots of interesting things to analyse, just like in an actual museum. Immediately we could see sign posts to clues but they have been done very cleverly so it’s not always as straight forward as you think, which we really liked. The puzzles were varied and had just the right amount of challenge. We could work separately on different things but combine our talents for some puzzles that required a bit more work. The hosts were fantastic and provided clues exactly when needed. There are some lovely little features of this room and quite a few ‘oh I like that’ moments where what seems like an obvious clue has very cleverly been tweaked so you have to think just that little bit more! We loved this room, it was a nice change from a lot of the common themes and had some great puzzles and nice touches within it.


BEST BIT: The little treat(s) towards the end!




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