Reactorvate – Escapologic Leicester

ROOM: Your uncle developed state of the art nuclear technology but was imprisoned after one of the experimental reactors was activated and went into meltdown causing a catastrophic disaster. You believe he was framed and break into his abandoned power plant. If you can successfully activate the second identical reactor you can prove the original one was not faulty, prove that he was framed and prove his innocence!

THEME: The theming was out of this world. It was just what we’d imagine a nuclear reactor to look like and the immersion within this room was just phenomenal. We immediately got started on the puzzles and the gameplay was lovely, our favourite room at the Leicester venue. There are some unexpected twists to this room which we really enjoyed but I wouldn’t want to spoil anything! It’s pretty much linear although there was enough for each of us to be doing, no one was stood doing nothing at any point. The host was fantastic and I don’t think we needed many clues for this one. The puzzles made great use of the props and were challenging but doable – you had all the information you needed but really had to think about the puzzle while you solved it (my favourite type of puzzle!). You have to communicate and work well as a team in this room. Another great room by a fantastic company!

ESCAPE TIME: Yep – I didn’t write this one down either (I’ve learnt my lesson!). We were in the top 3 fastest times to escape and I’m pretty sure it was forty something minutes. We were told some leaderboards will be put up soon so look out for us on there!

BEST BIT: It’s difficult to choose but the unexpected twist was good and the way the props linked to the puzzles helped to keep the level of immersion high throughout the game.



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