How Escape Rooms Changed Our Lives

It’s amazing how life changes so quickly. Seven years ago two of us were struggling to adapt to life as new parents and over the last few years I think it’s fair to say all three of our team have experienced ups and downs in life. Two years ago none of us had ever done an escape room and had only just begun hearing about them. Now go back a year and we’d caught the bug and absolutely loved them. We had yet to experience @escapologic @EscapeQuestUK @StanleyHallFarm but had done @lucardoER and held them in high esteem. In fact, we were just beginning to see how good rooms can actually be, extending beyond the good rooms to the truly phenomenal.

Now to the present day, where after years of struggling to enjoy his job, Simon has left the career of teaching to open an escape room. It’s a great loss to the profession, which is already in a recruitment crisis (especially for maths), but for our family it’s a dream that’s been a long time coming, and would have happened sooner if he’d found something like escape rooms which he is truly passionate about. It’s taken longer than imagined but on Monday 28th May 2018 Simon opened the first franchise of @lucardoER in Rawtenstall (just north of Manchester) with his partner and friend Dave. To say he’s a changed man would be an understatement. It’s not easy to open your own rooms but when you are truly passionate about something every bump in the road is worth it.

This post is to clarify a few things about this blog moving forward as we wouldn’t want to be seen as biased towards any rooms or companies. We will no longer review @lucardoER as we are now linked to them. However, our current reviews of their games still stand and will remain on our site. Simon will still play as part of our team but won’t write any reviews as he is now an owner. I will write all future reviews with the aim of always being objective and fair (which has always been my aim and hopefully I’ve always managed to do). The thing that has amazed us most about the escape room industry is how friendly owners are and the support there is amongst the owners and enthusiasts out there. In all honesty, they aren’t in competition, the more people we can get to experience and love the escape room industry, the more business there is for everyone!

Finally, I just want to say thank you to the directors of @lucardoER for presenting Simon and Dave with the opportunity to become part of the team and the support they’ve provided to help them set up. We’re all so proud (wives, kids, parents, friends) of what Simon and Dave have achieved with the new venue and it’s a pleasure to see them come home having genuinely enjoyed their day at work. Who knows where the next two years will take us, but the future is most definitely bright!



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