Operation Magnus – Escapologic Leicester

THEME: You are an elite spy undercover during World War 2. Your aim is to gather intel on a new super weapon developed by the mysterious Magnus, an aerospace engineer. The weapon could change the tides of the war and the world’s fate rests on your shoulders.

ROOM: The theming in the room was brilliant, even the clues were delivered on theme via a telephone conversation with a fellow agent. The use of space in the venue was brilliant and there were some lovely, unique puzzles. Our host was fantastic and got us back on track on a couple of occasions where our search and find skills had not effectively searched and found. There were a good variety of puzzles which suited each of our teams strengths with our definite weakness being our observational skills! The final sequence of events ended the game nicely – another great room from Escapologic!

ESCAPE TIME: I forgot to write this one down too but I think we were within the top 3 times at around 45 minutes.

BEST BIT: The ending of the game was brilliant




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