The Curse of The Golden Lion – Wirral Escape rooms.

THEME: A valuable secret is hidden deep in the jungle, can you find it before the boat leaves…

Amy and Ian invited us to a preview of their room the day before it officially opened. They are some of the most enthusiastic owners we know and their love of escape rooms clearly comes through in their room. It is obvious that they have thought about the room in a lot of depth so that it can stand amongst some of the best rooms out there, which it really does. Amy gave us a room briefing and back story and the timer started as soon as we entered the room. We got stuck in straight away and made progress, even our 6 year old team member was able to get involved. There are two elements to this game. One is that you can follow the story and work through a logical, linear route to escape the room. The other is that you can choose to solve some stand alone puzzles to find some extra items. These two things can be done simultaneously (ideal for larger groups), or once you have found a way to escape, you can choose to stay to retrieve some of the extra items (perfect for enthusiasts). The puzzles themselves are fantastic. They are varied, logical, challenging but doable. We got stuck on a couple and were given nudges at just the right time to help us complete them. Our youngest member was able to get involved in many of them so newbies would be fine in this room too. There are no logic leaps, everything flows well and is connected. We particularly enjoyed the unique ending!

ESCAPE TIME: 52.20 with all four extra items.

BEST BIT: The fact that everyone could be busy due to the two elements of the game. As enthusiasts we could let two people get on with the linear element of the game whilst the other two pursued the extra items. There was never a time when any of us were not busy doing anything. We enjoyed every single puzzle!

SUMMARY: There is a lot to do in this room but it would be suitable for any level due to the two elements. The room is a must for enthusiasts but would also be a great introduction to rooms for newbies, as all the puzzles and the links are all so logical.



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