The Neglected – Lockdown (Oldham)

THEME: Your friends dare you to enter an abandoned orphanage. Once you enter, the door shuts behind you and you have 60 minutes to escape before the spirits take out their rage on you.

Lockdown Oldham is a great company so we were really looking forward to playing their new game. The room is pretty dark but you are given a head torch each. We normally don’t like games in the dark due to the difficulty increasing due to the darkness rather than the game. The head torches minimised this as you each have one and both hands are free to do things rather than always holding a torch or lamp. Some head torches are brighter than others meaning you still have to work as a team when you need more light to examine things.  We got through the first section of the game pretty quickly and were quite lucky that between us one person got each clue/puzzle almost straight away. We found the middle section of the game much slower and got a bit frustrated here, this is the section that took us the most time and we definitely needed a few hints to get us through this part. The room is pretty much linear and the clues are given via a screen. Once we overcame a big hurdle (of our own making) we got back on track and worked our way through what we think is the section of the game with the best puzzles to escape. Unfortunately our escape was just over the 60 minutes but we really appreciate being able to complete the game rather than it stopping seconds before completing the final puzzle.  If we hadn’t got stuck on that pesky observational puzzle in the middle we would have escaped with loads of time to spare!

ESCAPE TIME: We missed it by just over 1 minute.

BEST BIT: There were some fantastic puzzles in this game that we hadn’t seen before, a couple at the beginning and more towards the end.

SUMMARY: A good room with a scary/creepy feel. We did it with a 12 and 14 year old and they did a bit of shrieking but were generally ok. This is a tough room. It contains some excellent puzzles but lots of places where even experienced groups could get stuck if they miss something. Its difficulty rating is justified and it provides a great challenge for experienced players looking for a more challenging game. Another great game from Lockdown Oldham.

LEVEL: Advanced


lockdown oldham

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