ROOM: The 13th Element – Escape Quest (Macclesfield)

THEME: Scientists are mysteriously going missing at Dr Argons Labs whilst he tries to activate the 13th element. Your job is to harness the power of the 12 elements, activate the 13th element and destroy it to prevent Dr Argon from using it for evil.

We had to bring re-enforcements for this game as it requires a minimum of 4 players (which it definitely does, there’s too much for 2 or 3 people), luckily we had some family members who were happy to step in. We entered the lab corridor and after a slow start managed to get into the main lab which is where the game really gets going. We loved that we could separate to do different puzzles and come back together when we got stuck or when one puzzle unlocked a hint for another. Some puzzles could be done without any hints and these then gave you access to vital information for others. We worked our way through these puzzles which enabled us to harness the energy of the 12 elements. They were all very good puzzles. None were overly complicated or arduous, just well thought out, made you think a bit and we completed most without any additional clues (given via a screen). We then continued the game and the final few puzzles before making a vital decision (which we loved deliberating about) which luckily allowed us to escape just in time!


BEST BIT: The actual lab was fantastic. It was lovely to have a big array of puzzles that we could split up and work our way through. Every single one was a great puzzle, there wasn’t a single flaw in any of them.

SUMMARY: Another fantastic room. Mike and Elaine are gifted at developing games. This was amazing and we’ve never before experienced having to complete a range of puzzles like we did in the lab – we loved it!




Escape quest

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