Mr Chuckles Funhouse – Escape Quest (Macclesfield)

THEME: Mr Funhouse likes to play games. He has some puzzles for you – can you complete them and find the golden tickets (or ticket) before an acid shower rains down?!

This was the third game we played at Escape Quest after we stopped for lunch (the pub down the road is lovely). We think the food hindered our quick thinking as we felt much slower on this one and didn’t perform to the same standard as the other two rooms we’d just done. The game is great with lots of well-designed puzzles that flow well. We did need a few hints to point us in the right direction as we weren’t quite as observant as we should’ve been. There were some jumpy moments which were scarier for some than others! The room is linear and Elaine and Mike have made good use of props within lots of the puzzles. We chose to complete the room as a team and enjoyed the slightly scary element to the game (well…most of us did).


BEST BIT: The final puzzle was the highlight for us, we really enjoyed working together to complete this, especially the person who ended up in the ball pool!

SUMMARY: A great and slightly scary room with well flowing puzzles.




Escape quest

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