Bomb – Exit The Room (Manchester)

THEME: A renegade agent has managed to get his hands on a nuclear weapon. Diffuse the bomb before it is too late!

This game starts in a really well themed room. We were led to the room by our lovely host and shown a video briefing and back story of the room. Being keen to get started with the game, we struggled to focus on the back story video and were scanning the room ready to begin. The game was mostly linear and individual puzzles were good, we missed some pretty obvious things and struggled to make connections between individual clues in the first section of the game. The second part of the game had some excellent props and puzzles which linked well to the theme. At Exit the Room you are given 5 clues and have to request these via walky talky. We used a few of these clues and the host was good at getting us back on track when we got stuck. The big error in the room was that a door we found opened straight away when it shouldn’t have. This led to us getting to the end then having to go back and complete an earlier puzzle that we should have done to release the door. When we discussed this with the host afterwards it was a known fault that needed fixing.


BEST BIT: The props were linked really well to the theme and some of the individual puzzles were good.

SUMMARY: This room has great props and puzzles that really link to the theme. Puzzles are mostly well connected, particularly in the second part of the game.

LEVEL: Beginner/Intermediate


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