Amazon Escape – Escape Quest (Macclesfield)

THEME: You get lost in the Amazon and need to find a map and way out before the local cannibals get their hands on you!

We were met by the owners Mike and Elaine and started our day with the Amazon room. We have been looking forward to these rooms as we’ve heard such good things about them. We had a lovely chat and a very engaging, charismatic briefing from Elaine. There was nothing irrelevant in the back story, she adapted it knowing we didn’t need any sort of briefing on locks etc which is the benefit of an owner/host/game creator giving a briefing rather than someone who is just being paid to do it. We loved the added element before the start and entered the room and enjoyed ourselves more in the first 5 minutes than in the whole of the previous day! We blitzed the first few puzzles and remembered what elements a good escape room needs. Walking in, looking around and instantly knowing what to pursue, what will probably be useful and being able to start something pretty quickly are key to a good game. We slowed up a bit as we went on and were given well timed clues (via a screen) but also left to think about puzzles and talk through possible solutions and try things out until we found what worked. We were able to complete puzzles alone and come together when we got stuck so were all busy throughout the game. We loved this room and escaped with big smiles on our faces looking forward even more to the day ahead.


BEST BIT: Completing the first section of the room in record time and all three of us being kept busy and feeling success immediately as we stormed through the first few puzzles.

SUMMARY: A fantastic room, great theming, lots of well thought out puzzles all of which we thoroughly enjoyed!



Escape quest

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