Vacancy – Breakout – Manchester

THEME: You stop for the night at a hotel after a long journey. Then you find out the hotel was the scene of some recent murders. Your room is locked and you have 60 minutes to escape…

We had just introduced the third member of our now established team to the room ‘The Detective Office’ at Breakout Brazennose St. After the buzz and success of that room we wanted to do more! Vacancy was the only room that was still available so we made the short walk across the city centre to complete it. We were once again greeted by a friendly host who introduced the game and set us off. This is the first time we’d been in any sort of scary game and we loved it! The four stars Breakout give it are justified as some of the puzzles are tricky and being new to escape rooms we definitely needed the clues we got, which were delivered via the countdown screen. They were cryptic clues though which we definitely prefer as they just direct your thinking along the right lines, rather than spelling it out for you. This was our favourite room for a long time and is still up there at the top of our list. It combines different types of clues, observational, more complex problems and little tricks in the props in the room and we really enjoyed the variety. The puzzles were all relevant to the theme and slightly linear, but there was plenty for us all to do or search. When there was only one puzzle to be working on it was either completed quickly or needed all three of us to try it in a different way before we managed to solve it. Vacancy is a great game which was scary without being too scary and in our opinion scarier (and better) than Captured.


BEST BITS: The scary element as it was enough to put on the pressure, but not scare us so much that we couldn’t concentrate. The hiding places were really good and the puzzles were in keeping with the theme and more challenging, which was a step we were ready for.

SUMMARY: A great room which is slightly scary and has some more challenging puzzles in it. It contained a good range of puzzles and hiding places. Well done Breakout (yet again!).

LEVEL: Intermediate



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