The Lost Tomb (90 mins)- Extreme Escape – Disley

THEME: You are in an abandoned gold mine in the heart of the Mexican mountains. Legend has it if you can find the hidden gold you can gain access to The Lost Tomb…

At this point we had done over 20 rooms and whenever we plan one in we always end up wanting to do another! We had just been to a room that left us feeling frustrated and disappointed and after an online search we eventually found some availability at Extreme Escape…and wow, what a find it was! This escape room is in a rural location but the postcode got us to the venue without any problems. We arrived and were greeted by Graham and Jess who were really friendly and happy to chat about some of the escape rooms we’ve done. They explained the room to us and off we went. The room is so well put together and you are immersed into the theme from the beginning. We were laughing, screaming and enjoying it all the way though. The puzzles and riddles were cleverly done and all of them were challenging but doable. We worked really well as a team throughout the room with the odd hint (and funny comment) from Graham. The room has a mixture of finding things and completing puzzles, some of which can be done independently, some of which are easier if you work as a team. It does have a linear element but not entirely and none of us were ever left with nothing to do. We completed this room as a three and it holds up to 8 and I can see how it would suit a larger group if they were mostly beginners.

ESCAPE TIME: 1 hour 8 minutes

BEST BITS: The jumpy element was timed perfectly, it really added to the room and after making us scream, really made us laugh! The puzzles were also fantastic, different to others we’d seen, challenging, but not frustrating at all.

SUMMARY: This room was amazing and our favourite ever room (along with Curio at Escapologic). Jess and Graham have perfected so much in the room, the props, the theme, the range of puzzles, the mechanical workings or the room. This room is just amazing and everyone I know who’s done it says the same. The room is suitable for any level of player as Jess and Graham are very skilled at the hints they give and adapt them depending on the ability of the players in the room.




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