The Library – Escape Reading

THEME: Whilst exploring Reading you enter a library, then realise you are locked in. You have 60 minutes to escape!

Two of us did this room with some friends who’d never done any escaping before. The hosts were very welcoming and although the entrance is small it’s nice to see previous teams’ photos on the wall with escape times. The room was really good and had a big variety of puzzles in it. Some were obvious to us, but some less so and it really helped to have a group of four. We were given a few cryptic clues via a screen and they were all timed well, they made us think, rather than making anything more obvious. The final few puzzles were particularly challenging and the pressure was on as they took a while to complete. The maths teacher in me really liked one of the final puzzles (no actual maths involved though). We had some paper to write things down on which really helped, it would have been hard to remember everything we needed without it. We really enjoyed this room as it had a lot of good puzzles in and was really challenging. The theming was pretty good but the puzzles were the definite strength of this room.


BEST BITS: The variety of puzzles and longer puzzles that were a bit more challenging than any we’d experienced before.

SUMMARY: A really good room with lots of detailed puzzles to get your teeth into. We’d recommend a bigger group, I’m not sure we would have escaped had there only been 2 or 3 of us.

LEVEL: Intermediate/advanced (or at least have an experienced player in your team)


escape reading

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