The Killers Code – Halloween Special – Mission Exit – Dukinfield

THEME: You are out celebrating Halloween with your friends, you come across warehouse 13. All isn’t as it seems as you enter – TRICK or TREAT?
On arrival we were greeted by Alex (owner) the game host. He welcomed us to mission exit and briefed us with the background to our Halloween night trick or treat night. We have played Killers Code before and were excited to see what Alex had changed for the Halloween special. On entering it was clear that the game had been transposed from the original it had a totally different layout, new additions and new puzzles. The game play is linear in essence; there are lots of areas for players to explore individually and also times the group needs to come back together. The theme of the room was great, there was music playing throughout the game until…………………footsteps were heard – on hearing these it was time to hide. The killer is portrayed fantastically; the suspense builds and builds, our heartbeats increased, until it is time to come out from hiding. The clue system works really well as the killer leaves them behind as required. There are a variety of different puzzles to solve, locks to unlock and areas to explore but there are not a lot of puzzles – however the theme of the room takes centre stage as you become immersed in trying to escape the killer. The final puzzle is very imaginative and not like one we have seen before. In the back of your mind you will be thinking “I must get out!”
Alex explained that the game can be done both in the daylight (for players like us) or at night if you prefer to play in less light – which will increase the intensity of the theme.


BEST BIT: Listening out for the footsteps and taking cover when the killer was on his way.

SUMMARY: A fantastically themed room which will have your heart racing both up and down throughout the game play. Make sure you get out……

LEVEL: Intermediate


mission exit

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