The Exit Visa Crisis – 11th Hour Escape Rooms – Chippenham

THEME: The members of a popular band have gone missing in mysterious circumstances. Can you solve the riddles behind their disappearance?

I did this room with my brother and his family whilst I was visiting them in Calne. They’d never done and escape room and my nieces are 11 and 13 so I was looking forward to introducing them. The owners were very welcoming and lovely to talk to when we arrived. They explained the game and off we went. The theme was good and a bit different to the normal themes you see. We started solving puzzles at a rapid pace due to my nieces getting really into it and going at a much faster pace than we normally do! The girls loved it and could do pretty much every puzzle. I didn’t get to do as much as I normally do as the others were really good at the puzzles and just got on with it. There were a lot of different types of puzzles, some pretty simple and some that made much more sense after finding some extra things to help us. We didn’t need any clues but these were delivered via a screen. Everyone really enjoyed this room, it was a bit different and I would say perfect for teenagers/children too.


BEST BITS: Lots of different types of puzzles and the theme and room were very family friendly.

SUMMARY: A unique theme with some good puzzles and great for families and beginners.

LEVEL: Beginners


11th hour.JPG

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