Secret Of The Vatican – Escape Rome – Rome

THEME: Based on the Da Vinci Code you must try to uncover the secret of the Vatican city.

Whilst on a trip to Rome we decided to try Rome’s first ever escape room company Escape Rome. I will be honest we were a little sceptical about doing an escape room in Rome as neither of us speak Italian – however this was never an issue the host, Judette, spoke excellent English and when clues were required they appeared in English and often quite cryptic which we loved. The room was well put together with some very different puzzles which we have not come across before. The actual game play was very linear – you find something, use it, then move on. If you prefer rooms where players can start at different points then this room may not be for you. We thoroughly enjoyed the room as there were some great use of props, interesting puzzles and a great clue system. Once we had escaped the host then explained how the room had been built with the Da Vinci Code in mind. If you are a fan of the Dan Brown classic the Da Vinci Code then this is a must if you are ever in Rome.


BEST BITS: The use of props within the game play.

SUMMARY: This is a fantastic room with lots of things to play with use however watching the Da Vinci Code prior to doing the room may help!

LEVEL: Intermediate


escape rome

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