Sawtopsy – Moviescape – Stockport

THEME: (The movie Saw). You find yourself locked in a bathroom. You have an hour to solve the puzzles to find out who the killer is.

This room was recommended by a friend and so we felt challenged to beat their time. On arrival the person who greeted us was friendly but must have been busy as there was no real conversation about how many rooms we’d done, we were just escorted to the waiting area. Normally on arrival we have a good conversation with hosts as we love to find out which rooms they’ve done and whether they recommend any, however this young man wasn’t particularly chatty. He came and got us, explained the theme and we entered the room and started working our way through puzzle. The puzzles are very linear and were mostly things we’d seen before but were quite challenging.

Unfortunately we just didn’t gel with this room. Due to the linear nature we often felt frustrated as there was nothing to do, or we got stuck and didn’t know what to do. We didn’t really have any clues (there was no clue system as such) and did eventually work things out. One thing we are beginning to dislike is videos of people using distorted voices as they are just so hard to understand! We just about understood this one but it added to our already increasing frustrations. We eventually managed to find the UV light and looking back, we knew exactly what to do with it and had pretty much nailed the clue we needed to use it for but we just couldn’t find the writing on the wall that we needed, as I searched the light in the torch got dimmer and dimmer and searching a wall with such a dim light was really annoying. They gave me a new torch but the same thing happened and none of us could find the key thing to solve the puzzle we had 90% done. To be honest, by this point we were really frustrated and fed up. Two clues had been posted under the door but we still couldn’t find it so they posted the code to us (which felt like a real admittance of defeat). We then carried on and got to the end of the game but just had no idea how to do the last puzzle. When it was explained to us we should’ve absolutely got it but I think we had just lost all motivation by that point. If we had gone through the room at our normal pace without the frustrations we would have escaped but unfortunately it was not our day! I don’t think there is anything wrong with this room, I just think it didn’t suit us and we had a bad game, and possibly a distracted host. When he came in at the end and checked the UV torches they worked fine (typically!) so maybe the battery was just low and having them on for a longer period of time made them go dimmer…who knows. He could tell we were frustrated and there was little conversation as we left (perhaps because we felt he wasn’t open to any on arrival).

Before you decide to do this game please read others reviews. I have a friend who has done it and enjoyed it and I think it just didn’t suit us. Other reviews I have read have been more positive so I think it was just one of those things. We won’t do more games here as a team but I personally will do some with a different group of people so I can see how they approach some of the things we have more trouble with (darkness, distorted voices etc!).

ESCAPE TIME: Sadly, we didn’t escape but our friend holds one of the best escape times with around 45 minutes.

BEST BITS: A big range of puzzles and as maths teachers we liked that some of them were mathematical.

SUMMARY: A frustrating room in our opinion and very linear, although other reviewers say they enjoyed it and other people we know say the hosts are usually great there.

LEVEL: Intermediate



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