Pirate Ship (90 mins) – Extreme Escape – Disley

THEME: You are on a pirate ship that disappeared in 1722. Find the clues, solve the riddles and escape the pirate ship.

We returned here after playing Lost Tomb and being amazed! The owners Jess and Graham are always very friendly and happy to discuss escape rooms with us (particularly their visit to escapology in Nottingham, which we all love!). The room starts really nicely and is very well themed. The props are very authentic and good quality. This room is quite different to the Lost Tomb. It isn’t as linear and a variety of riddles and puzzles can be seen pretty quickly as you enter the room. They require lots of thought, trying different things and teamwork. The pace of the room is slower than Lost Tomb because of this, but it is a very different type of room. You have to find coins hidden within the room and exchange them for clues. We got some puzzles straight away but were much slower on others. We needed a few clues but may’ve been able to solve these puzzles without clues if we’d just took a bit more time to think it through and consider different angles to the puzzle. Solving some puzzles allows you then to move on and solve more and the tricks in the room were great (something Extreme Escape do really well). We didn’t enjoy this room as much as the Lost Tomb but I think this is not a reflection on the room but our team’s preferences. As we got stuck on a few puzzles it slowed down the pace of the game although I wish we had been a bit more resilient in thinking about different ways to approach the puzzles before declaring that we were stuck.

ESCAPE TIME: 1 hour 13 minutes

BEST BITS: The props and physical tricks within the room. The puzzles were all unique and very clever.

SUMMARY: A good room that requires lots of thinking and teamwork. Keep trying different things and thinking about the problems from different angles, without overthinking them!


WEBSITE: http://www.extremescape.co.uk


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