Infiltrate – Breakout – Manchester

THEME: Your friend has been wrongly imprisoned. You have 60 minutes to break them free!

Two of us did this with a family member and thought it’d be easy because it’s a two star game – it was not! We’d done about 5 rooms by this point and escaped all of them but this was a good reminder that we had a lot to learn. We loved the start as we’d never had anything like it before. We have since and it’s always fun but I can’t say what it is as we don’t like to give spoilers! Overall it was actually a relatively straight forward room but we missed a few things which made it difficult for us. We were all busy pretty much all of the time, searching, solving our own puzzle, or working together when we were stuck. One of the reasons that I think we always enjoy breakout rooms are that whilst there is a linear element, there is also usually a few things going on at once, meaning we are all kept busy and achieve something throughout the game. We did escape and really enjoyed the room, as we always do with Breakout. To the credit of Breakout, even their easiest rooms aren’t easy, the puzzles are just a touch simpler, or there are less of them. We would assume this allows them to tailor how many clues a team gets to their ability, which we think they do really well. I think advanced players would still enjoy this room, but aim to do it with very few hints.


BEST BITS: The start of the room was brilliant, especially as we hadn’t experienced it before.

SUMMARY: A good room for beginners but had some challenging puzzles so suitable for all.




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