Identify – Breakout – Manchester

THEME: Your friend has been murdered and you know who did it. Find some evidence in the culprit’s office and escape before he returns.

The two girls in our team did this with a family member and really enjoyed it. The host at Breakout was really friendly and good at giving clues at the right time, as always. It’s a good room and even with the two stars we wouldn’t say it’s basic, although we did overthink a few things. It involves lots of little puzzles which lead to a big puzzle which you have to solve before escaping. As is usually the case in Breakout rooms, it’s only slightly linear so there is pretty much always something for you all to be working on. We completely messed up the final puzzle though and after a lot of help from the host we escaped with seconds to spare. We totally should’ve seen how to do it and as it was our fifth room it was a good learning curve.

ESCAPE TIME: 59.43 (but with a lot of help!)

BEST BITS: The way the smaller puzzles throughout the game linked to the big puzzle at the end of the game was really well done.

SUMMARY: A great room for beginners and it’s not too easy for experienced players either. The puzzles are varied and good without being too hard.




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