Forsaken – Breakout – Manchester

THEME: You are staying at a remote lodge with distant relatives but things aren’t exactly as they seem…

We were met by a friendly host who explained the room to us and led us to our starting point (we’ll come back to this explanation later). Immediately we got started on puzzles and it was good to see slightly less padlocks and more use of different types of physical puzzles in the room. The puzzles were all good and matched to the theme well, some particularly so. It was mostly linear but enough for all of us to be working on or thinking about something most of the time…until we got stuck. The host was very good at offering hints at these times though and the only thing that slowed us down was a time delay on one of the locks because we put the wrong code in three times. We really enjoyed this room and the number of good puzzles we had to solve. We can see why it is one of their harder rooms, it was more challenging and we think this was one of the reasons we really enjoyed it. Whilst the theming was good, the only thing lacking was an understanding of why we were trying to escape. The introduction to the room that we received was that we had arrived at a relatives lodge but they’d just gone out for supplies and would be back in an hour (which begs the question why did we arrive blindfolded?). There was an envelope in the room addressed to us and when I opened the envelope I expected it to invite us to a ceremony (as the explanation of the room on the website states) but it just reiterated the story the host had just told us about them being out. When we thought about it afterwards we could see perhaps at which point we were supposed to realise why we were trying to escape, but we didn’t until we had left and discussed it. The envelope was a nice touch, perhaps is there is a better way it could be used.


BEST BIT: That there were less padlocks than in typical breakout rooms and more puzzles that use things like magnets to release things.

SUMMARY: A challenging room with lots of puzzles to complete that aren’t all code based. A good theme throughout the room (just more clarity needed on why we’re trying to escape).

LEVEL: Intermediate/Advanced



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