Cryptic – Escapologic – Nottingham

THEME: Explorer Crispin Sheppard hasn’t returned from his most recent adventure. You have his satchel and follow his clues to see if you can find the treasure he was hunting for.

This room is done in the dark but you have two lamps to keep you going throughout the adventure. The room has some great hiding places and fantastic puzzles in it. They are mostly very linear which works because you only have two torches so can’t be working on too much at a time. The theme of the room is fantastic. The dark element fits in well with the theme and all the puzzles were always related to the theme. This is something Escapologic do exceptionally well in every single room. The clue system is one I have never seen before, I don’t want to ruin the surprise but it is up to you how many clues you have, not the host, which is really good (although try not to miss any like I did!).

This room is great but to be honest, the lack of light really frustrated us. It essentially takes one of us out of the game (to an extent) as we always have to be with someone else, rather than searching on our own. It’s the third room we’ve done completely in the dark and we’ve realised these rooms aren’t for us. To us, the dark makes a room harder just for the sake of it, not because a puzzle is hard. It completely fits with the theme of this room though and I know a lot of people who have enjoyed it (it’s impossible not to enjoy any room at Escapologic).

ESCAPE TIME: We didn’t (the furthest from escaping we’ve ever been!)

BEST BITS: The clue system was great and if I hadn’t missed some of clues (which was totally my fault) we may have got closer to the end.

SUMMARY: Great if you like dark rooms and working together a lot of the time. It wasn’t for us but I’m glad we did it as there were some great puzzles in there that we’ve never seen before.

LEVEL: Intermediate




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