Contagion – Lockdown Escape Room – Oldham

THEME: You are young journalists who have been tipped off about strange activities in apartment 4A. You enter to investigate….

On entering the room it becomes clear that apartment 4A is hiding something which needs to be discovered. The room has a brilliant theme throughout which helps you to become immersed in the story. As the game plays out the story starts to unfold and you soon start to understand what has been happening in 4A. The room is well structured with lots to do for all players – we were all busy all of the time searching and solving puzzles. There is a wide range of puzzles which lead to opening padlocks, draws and cabinets. The puzzles were well made and took some thinking about. Overall the game play was linear but everyone had plenty to do. There a variety of combination, word and directional locks which link to the puzzles perfectly. The clue system is via a screen in the room. The host Darren was very good at monitoring our progress and gave us cryptic clues as required to enable the game to flow.


BEST BIT: The use of the “natural” feature within the warehouse itself. (Not saying anymore or it will give the game away).

SUMMARY: A fantastic room with a brilliant story and theme to match. Make sure you use your eyes throughout.

LEVEL: Advanced


lockdown oldham

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