Condemned – Lockdown Escape Rooms – Oldham

THEME: You have been put on death row for crimes you didn’t commit – you need to escape and collect evidence to prove your innocence.

When we arrived at the venue we were met by Darren, the owner, who was very friendly and chatty about escape rooms. It is a family run business as we also met Adam (the son) who was to be our host. Adam was an excellent host. He told us the back story of the room which had us gripped with anticipation – then he locked us in jail.

The room was well decorated and themed very well, at times we forgot we were in an escape room and felt that we were in the sheriff’s office. There are a variety of different types of puzzles and locks; there were combination locks, word locks and directional locks. The puzzles were well made with some being more difficult than others. The game play was linear in structure with lots of things to do and explore. The clue system was a screen which displayed hints and clues as required. The clues themselves were great as they didn’t inform you exactly what to do but gave enough information so we could progress. Adam made sure that we could always move forward in the game at the right pace for our group, it was obvious he was watching us all the time, always on hand to help if necessary.

ESCAPE TIME: 35.55 (current record to date)

BEST BIT: Very clever final puzzle – well thought out and a brilliant use of props.

SUMMARY: A great room with a good selection of puzzles. Make sure you understand exactly what you require to be cleared of all your alleged crimes.

LEVEL: Beginner/intermediate


lockdown oldham.JPG

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