Blueprint – Code to Exit – Altrincham

THEME: You are in the 1950s and must find The Blueprint of a hydrogen bomb, fix the time machine and take it to the future.

We came across this room on Groupon and as one of the usual team was unable to come we did it with three other family members, only one of whom had done one room before. The room was quite small for 5 of us and it was surprising how many puzzles could fit into one room. The owners are from Hungary and have made all the rooms themselves, which is impressive given how clever some of the puzzles are. After being used to a lot of locks in rooms it was refreshing to experience something different. It wasn’t particularly linear so there was enough for all of us to be working on or looking at something as individuals or in pairs most of the time. We needed a few clues and whilst the system wasn’t as technically advanced as Breakout or Lucardo it worked in a similar way and was just as effective. We all enjoyed it so it’s suitable for more experienced players as well as beginners. The Groupon offer was also great as Escape Rooms are an expensive hobby! We would definitely recommend this company as a more unusual experience compared to some of the more corporate escape rooms out there.


BEST BIT: We enjoy rooms with lots of locks but the more cleverly put together clues in this room were a welcomed change which we really enjoyed.

SUMMARY: The puzzles themselves were great but the theme wasn’t particularly strong. I don’t think this had that much impact on our enjoyment of the game though.

LEVEL: Beginner/Intermediate


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